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[東京] Tokyo Tama River Rafting Tour by Raftingwinds
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7,300 JPY

  • A barbecue can be booked after the tour! Please book additional options. | Be amazed at the natural environment in West Tama area, just an hour and a half train ride from central Tokyo | Discover the beauty of Tama River, known for its splendid gorges and wonderful opportunities for water sports | Fall in love with the simple joy of paddling the waters of Japan’s National Parks | Join a rafting group and have great fun on the rapid streams of Tama River

・Participation age From 1st grade primary schools. ・One parent/guardian must accompany every two children. ・Please arrive at our base at least 5 minutes before the meeting time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to participate. ・Please check the train times in advance to avoid being late for the meeting time. ・Please follow the instructor's instructions during the lesson and avoid acting on your own. ・The tour will take place even in the event of rain. However, if the water level increases rapidly and dangerously due to a typhoon, the tour may be cancelled depending on the river and other conditions. ・If the tour is cancelled, you will be informed by 20:00 the day before whether or not the tour will be cancelled. ・Please note that even if the tour is scheduled to take place, it may be cancelled on the day of the tour due to rising water levels, etc. ・Prices vary depending on the time of year. Please check the calendar.




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