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[栃木] Canyoning at Nikko National Park in Tochigi Prefecture
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  • A challenging but safe and beginner-friendly activity — you'll get the hang of canyoning in no time! | Admire the natural wonders of Nikko National Park, including Urami Falls, considered one of Nikko's three best waterfalls | Enjoy canyoning with an experienced guide with a license from World Canyoning Association | Receive photos of your adventure after the activity — preserve the memories of a day well spent | Spend an action-packed day in Nikko as you hike, climb, jump, and swim

'- This tour will push through in the event of light rain, but it may be canceled due to inclement weather, rising water levels along the valley, or other conditions. In this case, we will contact you by 19:00 a day before, or the morning of your activity date, to refund or reschedule - For those who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, we recommend bringing an eyewear strap or replacement contacts, as you might drop your glasses or contacts during this activity. If you do not have an eyewear strap, we can make a simple one for you - For guests bringing medication such as inhalers or insulin pens, we can store them in waterproof cases for you during this activity - Storage lockers for valuables, showers, changing rooms, toilets, and hair dryers are available at the meeting point Activity Rules - Participants must be aged 13 or older and in good physical condition - This activity requires at least two participants; solo guests may book by paying the two-person price - Please understand that in booking




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