[廣島] Japanese Traditional Archery Experience Hiroshima
5.0 ( 277則評價 )

5,500 JPY

  • Kyudo is a Japanese martial art based on shooting an arrow from a Japanese bow to a target to reach a complete focus of mind and body. The main difference of kyudo and western archery is that, in kyudo, every movement follows a traditional routine that pays respect to the equipment and to the opponent. You will come to the archery range and dress in an authentic kyudo uniform, which will include dogi—the upper wear—and hakama—the lower wear. I'll give a brief explanation about the art of kyudo as well as instructions and demonstrations. With the knowledge you'll gain, you will learn to shoot arrows at the target. You'll also understand the fun and challenging aspect of the sport, particularly while wearing the traditional hakama and armor. Usually in kyudo, you are not allowed to pull the arrow unless you master the basics. But during our lesson, you will be able to enjoy the real kyudo experience even as a complete beginner. It will be a great time if you are looking for a nice photo or movie to show to your





  • Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass

    10,000 JPY

  • JR 廣島&山口地區鐵路周遊券(5日)

    15,000 JPY

  • JR Pass 關西&廣島地區鐵路周遊券(5日)

    17,000 JPY

  • JR岡山&廣島&山口地區鐵路周遊券(5日)

    17,000 JPY

  • 【廣島】JR瀨戶內地區鐵路周遊券(5日)

    22,000 JPY

  • 【關西 廣島】JR 山陽&山陰地區鐵路周遊券(7日)

    23,000 JPY

  • 【關西 廣島】JR山陰& 山陽& 北九州地區鐵路周遊券(7日)

    23,000 JPY

  • JR西日本全地區鐵路周遊券

    26,000 JPY

  • JR Pass 全日本鐵路通票(7/ 14/ 21日)

    50,000~100,000 JPY