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[岐阜] Aizome Traditional Indigo Dyeing in Gujo Hachiman
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15,000 JPY

  • Learn how Japanese artisans extract the ‘Japan Blue’ pigment from natural ingredients | Optionally, take a guided tour of the beautiful castle town Gujo Hachiman | Using traditional methods, dye a stole or T-shirt to take home as a souvenir | Visit a family-owned dyehouse and see quality products made by a 15th-generation master

• Plastic gloves and shoes are provided, but please be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind being stained; indigo is very difficult to remove from clothing. • If your group is of 5 or more people, the activity may be held at a larger venue nearby, but will still include a visit to the studio. • Your host will teach you with basic English, supported by additional teaching aids in the workshop. If you like, you can book an interpreter/guide for an even more insightful experience and a guided tour of the town included.




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