[岐阜] Half Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida
4.9 ( 87則評價 )

21,000 JPY

  • This is the half day trip of 1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida. Starting at the Hida-Hagiwara station, we will directly head for the scenic valley village: Maze, which is certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan but absolutely no tourist here. Yes, the village is a hidden place. Same as the full day tour, we need to go up the mountain road but please do not worry. We use Panasonic’s cool electric bikes. If you are capable of a normal bike, it is also easy to handle this e-bike.
  • The village has only 1,000 people but is surrounded by a lot of unspoiled nature such as forests, rice fields and the crystal river named Maze River. Getting away from tourist crowds, you will feel the peaceful atmosphere and fully enjoy the authentic countryside of Japan. If you visit Takayama or Gero to see the beauty of nature in the rural Japan, this tour must be the best option for you. *The tour route can be modified for safety when physical capability of participants is not enough.




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