[岐阜] 1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida
5.0 ( 182則評價 )

34,000 JPY

  • This is a guided rural e-bike tour with lunch at the Maze Village and the Hagiwara Town in the Hida region. Just a short hop from Takayama or Gero Hot Spring but you will see no tourist around there, which gives you a great opportunity to see and understand the real life in the countryside of Japan, also being free from tourist crowds or hustle-bustle cities.
  • On the way to the village, we have a long uphill but our e-bike helps you a lot so that you can easily enjoy seeing the nature of Hida Mountains and the super crystal Maze River. Our friendly and knowledgeable guide will take you to picturesque spots and offer you some local stories about history, culture and lifestyle. Seeing the tranquil views and tasting the special meal with local ingredients, you can fully enjoy the authentic rural Japan. This tour must be off the beaten path experience that you have never had in tourist spots.




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