[山梨] Private w/ Local: Memorable Mt Fuji Views Kawaguchiko Highlights
5.0 ( 18則評價 )

32,250 JPY

  • Why settle for a generic bus tour from Tokyo when you can embark on a personalized journey instead? My tour is not just about reaching destinations; they're about experiencing the journey. Skip the impersonal crowds and go with your own group for a more intimate and flexible exploration of the Kawaguchiko region. Forget rigid schedules and rushed sightseeing. With us, you'll have the freedom to delve into the heart of Japan, discovering hidden gems, savoring local flavors, and creating memories that bus tours simply can't provide. Say goodbye to the ordinary and choose a travel experience that will leave a lasting memory in your adventure in Japan.
  • My tour offers a well-rounded, customizable experience from beginning to end. If there's somewhere you want to go let me know. This tour ain't fussy. Good times guaranteed :)
  • *NOTE* 4 people may be a squeeze
  • *Note* This tour does not go to Fuji 5th Station*
  • Pick up locations:
  • Local hotel
  • Kawaguchiko Stn
  • Mt Fuji Stn
  • Fuji Q Highland Stn




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