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  • 期间限定

    钟表博览会 到2020-11-30止

    • 举办日期 2020-11-06 00:00 - 2020-11-30 21:00
    • 活动详情 ■Location: = watch salon on the sixth floor (center B7)

      We have design and much-talked-about product, popular model whom novel sensitivity wins from domestic and foreign clock brands.

      ★The handling brand
      SEIKO, citizen, blight ring, Zenith, ronjin, rad, Tissot

      [Sunday, November 1 update]
      ronjin/spirit collection
      We inherited design of clock and instrument of ronjin which we reclaimed the sky, the land, the sea, and great pioneers handed down still trusted "ronjinsupiritto" and used habitually and were born.
      We mark the name on history with record and great achievement and boldness, and please see ronjinsupiritto which is tribute model that showed respect for the pioneering spirit of legendary pilot and explorers such as Amelia Earhart who continues giving inspiration in the next generation, pole = Emil Victor, Eleanor Smith and Howard Hughes by all means.

      ★Purchase present
      ■Event Period: From Sunday, November 1, 2020 to 30th Monday
      During session, "ronjin/original novelty" (one point) is presented by the first five people who had you purchase clock of ronjin.
      ※Number includes limit. Sale will finish upon product sell-outs.
      ※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.
  • 应季

    点心博览会 到2020-12-18止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-26 00:00 - 2020-12-18 20:00
    • 活动详情 ■Reservations period: From Thursday, October 1, 2020 to Friday, December 18
      ■Location: Each SEIBU food building the first floor of the basement = sweets & gift sum, Western confectionery sales floor

      Favorite of sacred night when smile comes unsawn

      Weak contest of admiration hotel and brand of popularity.
      We prepared about 150 kinds of Christmas cake which colored special night elegantly.

      <, in the special site, please see this>

      ★In the store of Friday, serious congestion is expected on Thursday, December 24, 25th. Christmas cake of this year recommends making a reservation★
  • 时尚男装博览会 到2020-12-31止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-13 00:00 - 2020-12-31 20:59
    • 活动详情 ■Location: = Timothy Everest London on the fifth floor (south A9)

      teraringuburando "Timothy Everest London" established in center of supitarufiruzu of East London in the early 90s opens in men's wear floor.
      As well as individual customers, we deal with production, the supervision of clothes widely and, with brand which continues sending, fuse with traditional bisupokuteraringu and modern design and fabric and will suggest wardrobe for all men.
  • 食品博览会 到2020-12-31止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-13 00:00 - 2020-12-31 20:00
    • 活动详情 ■Opening: From Wednesday, October 14, 2020
      ■Location: The SEIBU food building the first floor of the basement (south A11) = side dish market side dish section

      1699 founding, store specializing in store specializing in dried bonito side dishes that "we do not boil Nihonbashi" deals.
      Through side dish, lunch which cultivated for 320 rest of life, and made use of "taste of soup stock" and seasonal foods, we suggest meal of the new sum.

      ★Opening commemorative purchase present
      ■Event Period: From Wednesday, October 14, 2020 to 20th Tuesday
      During session, "freeze dry miso soup "one bowl of supreme bliss"" (one point) is presented by 200 every day first arrival that had you purchase lunch, side dish.
      ※Number includes limit. Sale will finish upon product sell-outs.
      ※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.
  • 手艺

    其他博览会 到2021-02-28止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-10 00:00 - 2021-02-28 20:00
    • 活动详情 ■ SEIBU sports special event space on the eighth floor (center A8)

      << features of Mizusawa down jacket >>
      We adopt special technique to attach by pressure and heat not sewing for the formation of down pack, and Mizusawa down removes stitch. We succeeded in by making seam tape processing on the back side in point that needed sewing such as sleeves, improving rain and comfort on snowy day drastically. We possessed "waterproofness" and "water resistance" and created new value to down jacket.
      We attach cutting, the formation of down pack by pressure and heat and process, and, until down filling, it is formed one one in all processes by hand of experienced craftsman.
  • 用西武、SOGO×BRING再生聚酯的环保包在地球你有时间吗事情项目

    用西武、SOGO×BRING再生聚酯的环保包在地球你有时间吗事情项目 到2020-12-31止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-08 00:00 - 2020-12-31 20:59
    • 活动详情 因为购买那个商品所以能在自然以及环境,对谁有利的什么方面给予帮助的"地球你有时间吗事情项目。"



  • 西武noosechigo预订会

    西武noosechigo预订会 到2020-12-22止

    • 举办日期 2020-10-08 00:00 - 2020-12-22 20:00
    • 活动详情 ■会期:从2020年9月30日星期三到12月22日星期二

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