[德岛] Naruto Seaside BROMPTON Slow Cycling Tour

18,000 JPY

  • As a rule, reservations are for two persons or more.
  • This is a pottering tour that allows you to enjoy the scenery of Naruto's sea.
  • Starting from the meeting point in the vicinity of JR Naruto Station, you will ride along the Natsuyogawa River road, UZU PARK, and other Naruto city streets, and then take a ferry to Ohke Island.
  • The course along the Naruto Uchinoumi coastline, where oyster farming is thriving, and the Onaruto Bridge can be seen in the distance is exhilarating!
  • If you want to stop by the “Whirlpool Way,” a promenade on the Onaruto Bridge where you can view the whirlpools from above, it is easy to fold up your BROMPTON from the bus stop in front of the Otsuka Museum of Art and cycle it so you do not have to push it uphill.â
  • Around the Onaruto Bridge, there is an observatory overlooking the Senjiki Plain and the Awaji - Kii Waterway, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea.
  • For lunch, we will suggest local gourmet restaurants, including seafood restaurants, according to y





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