[德岛] Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage BROMPTON Slow Cycling Tour

18,000 JPY

  • This is a course to experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage by pottering around.
  • This tour is recommended for those who are interested in the pilgrimage but think it might be a bit difficult to visit 88 pilgrimage sites on foot.
  • We will meet at Tokushima Station and take a JR train to Ikeya Station by bicycle. From the station, we will ride through the countryside with Naruto's lotus root fields and other fields toward Reizanji Temple, the first temple of the Shikoku Sacred Sites. After passing through the shopping street at Bando Station, the pilgrimage route begins with the gate of Reizanji Temple in front of you, and the atmosphere of the pilgrimage is enhanced as you gather your sutra books and costumes at the No. 1 temple.
  • From Reizanji Temple, the pilgrims will take a relatively gentle route in order from Gokurakuji Temple (No. 2) to Kinsenji Temple (No. 3) to Dainichiji Temple (No. 4) to Jizoji Temple (No. 5) to Anrakuji Temple (No. 6), visiting the temples slowly along a walking pilgrimage route with few c





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