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[冲绳] Nago Pineapple Park E-Tickets
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1,080 JPY

  • Learn about the history of pineapple, the origin of its name, and how to enjoy its delicious taste | Perfect for pineapple lovers — enjoy pineapple-based sweets and beverages to your heart's content! | Ride in an self-driving cart and move around the park with ease | Shop for unique pineapple-themed sweets, wine, and even cosmetics | Visit Nago Pineapple Park, one of Nago City's most popular tourist attractions

• The facility may close, but will generally remain open in inclement weather. Attractions, touring routes, or events may be slightly modified to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for guests, depending on the day's actual conditions • Admission is free for children aged 3 or younger • Please present your e-voucher on your smartphone for entry on the day of your visit. Note that presenting your e-voucher on a device other than a smartphone, such as a tablet, may not be accepted for entry *Please confirm in advance that your smartphone can connect to the Internet before entering the park