[广岛] HIROSHIMA Pub Crawl
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5,000 JPY

  • With our product, we select the best spot for you based on the number of people and crowds, etc., and decide the course. You can visit 3 places where the guide often goes or popular with the locals, and you can have a real experience of the Nagarekawa area. You can make wonderful memories while having fun conversations.
  • The ticket price includes one drink at each store and club entrance fee. Drink fee from the second cup, and food fee are on your own.
  • The last of the 3 places, we go to the club. After having fun there, we will dismiss at there. If you don't have enough fun, you can enjoy it until morning.
  • Depending on the store situation, it may be changed to another club.
  • The minimum number of participants for a tour is 4. If there are not enough people, the tour may be cancelled.




  • 关西ICOCA卡(大阪领取)

    2,298 JPY

  • Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass

    10,000 JPY

  • JR广岛&山口地区铁路周游券(5日)

    15,000 JPY

  • JR关西&广岛地区铁路周游券(5日)

    17,000 JPY

  • JR冈山 & 广岛 & 山口地区铁路周游券(5日)

    17,000 JPY

  • 【关西 广岛】JR山阳&山阴地区铁路周游券(7日)

    20,000 JPY

  • 【广岛】JR濑户内地区铁路周游券(5日)

    22,000 JPY

  • 【关西 广岛】JR山阴 & 山阳 & 北九州地区铁路周游券(7日)

    23,000 JPY

  • JR PASS 全日本铁路通票(连续7/ 14/ 21日)

    50,000~100,000 JPY