[福冈] 3 Hours Private Food and Walking Tour to Snack Bar in Nakasu

23,197 JPY

  • Embark on a distinctive journey through Fukuoka's Nakasu area, where over 800 snack bars vie for attention! Our exclusive Snack Bar Hopping Tour immerses you in the vibrant nightlife scene, offering an unparalleled experience of Japanese snack bars. Indulge in local drinks such as shochu and whisky as you explore the famous Ningyo Shoji bar alley, steeped in history and charm. What sets our tour apart is the authenticity of the experiences we provide, allowing you to deeply engage with the local snack bar culture in an unforgettable way. Conclude your evening with a delectable katsudon dinner, making this adventure a perfect blend of culinary delights and cultural exploration. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity – book now for an unforgettable journey beyond the ordinary!




  • 日本|九州超值票券|福冈市地下铁一日券

  • 福冈观光城市通票

    1,800 JPY

  • JR九州铁路电子周游券(福冈广域版)

    3,000~7,000 JPY

  • JR Pass 全 / 北 / 南九州铁路周游券(3/ 5 日)

    10,000~25,000 JPY

  • JR 九州 36+3 豪华观光列车(绿色车厢)

    12,600~23,000 JPY

  • JR 九州 36+3 豪华观光列车(私人包厢)

    17,600~27,700 JPY

  • 【关西 广岛】JR山阴 & 山阳 & 北九州地区铁路周游券(7日)

    23,000 JPY

  • JR九州美食豪华观光列车(ARU RESSHA)

    35,000 JPY

  • JR PASS 全日本铁路通票(连续7/ 14/ 21日)

    50,000~100,000 JPY