[爱知] Market Tour and Authentic Nagoya Cuisine Cooking Class With a Local in Her Home
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14,584 JPY

  • Please note that the market tour here means a local supermarket tour, which is typically where locals shop. After you meet your host Akiko at the station, she will accompany you to a local supermarket located near the JR station where she will introduce you to the different ingredients used in Japanese cooking. If you like, Akiko can help you purchase local ingredients to take home.
  • After the tour, join Akiko in her kitchen to make classic Nagoya dishes such as red miso stew, shrimp tempura in a rice ball or fried chicken, Nagoya style. You will also learn to make dashi, the foundation of Japanese cooking. Your cooking class will last about an hour before you sit down to share the Nagoyan style Japanese meal you helped prepare.
  • Akiko is thrilled about the opportunity to share specialties from Nagoya as a lot of people don’t know how to cook Nagoya-style food. Because of this, many Nagoyans themselves eat their local specialities at restaurants!





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