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[爱知] The Little World Museum of Man Admission E-ticket/Aichi
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2,000 JPY

  • Come and experience the wisdom of life of people from all over the world. | Divided into eight zones, the museum features relocated and reconstructed private homes from around the world. | The unique outdoor museum allows visitors to experience the cultures of the world.

**▶From purchase to entry, it's a simple 2-step process!** <Step 1> After purchase your ticket on Rakuten Travel Experiences, an E-ticket will be sent to your registered e-mail address. When you arrive at the facility, please visit the entrance counter and click on the link in the E-ticket e-mail sent to you at the time of purchase. Please click the "Use" button and show the screen to the staff. (Please ensure that your smartphone can connect to the internet before your visit) ****************************************************************** ・Please be sure to check the website in advance, as the hours of operation and event details are subject to change without notice. ・E-tickets are valid only on the designated date.





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