[岐阜] Shirakawago Day Trip: Government Licensed Guide & Vehicle from Takayama

116,300 JPY

  • Deep in the Japanese Alps, the historical and beautiful old thatched houses of Japan stand strong. These houses are over 150 years old and still are lived in today. These homes stand tall in the natural scenery. Several of these houses are open to the public. Join one of our tours guides to this area and learn about history and culture in a way that you would have never been able to on your own!
  • This private and customizable tour will allow you to take in the beauty of Shirakawago at your own pace. Once you place your reservation, a guide will be in touch with you to plan out the details of your tour. Be sure to let your guide know where you would like to visit and your interests so they can plan out an itinerary for you! If you will not have time to visit all the sights on your must-see list, contact us directly regarding extension fees.
  • Learn about this world heritage site with us! We hope to guide you soon!




  • 【飞驒高山】JR高山、北陆地区周游券(5日)

    19,800 JPY

  • JR Pass 立山黑部阿尔卑斯、高山、松本地区周游券(5日)

    21,200 JPY

  • JR PASS 全日本铁路通票(连续7/ 14/ 21日)

    50,000~100,000 JPY