[长野] Japan Alps Kamikochi Day Hike with Government-Licensed Guide

16,000 JPY

  • Kamikochi is a popular resort in the Northern Japan Alps, offering some of Japan's most spectacular mountain scenery. With one of the most famous hiking paths in all Japan, we set foot there on our quest for traditional Japan.
  • Kamikochi hiking course along the Azusa River is well maintained and almost flat. This value-packed trail day hike with a government-licensed and experienced multilingual tour guide is a fantastic and efficient way to explore Japan Alps!
  • It is about 3.5 kilometres (2 miles) long and has only gentle elevation changes which takes around 2-4 hours to easy walk at a leisurely pace.
  • This private tour is a hiking day tour. Please wear hiking boots and gear for this tour. Public transportation or local taxis maybe used to transfer between sites. Exact transportation costs can be discussed with the guide after a reservation is finalized. Please have Japanese Yen on hand for your transportation costs.


Taishoike, Azumi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-1516, Japan




  • 西瓜卡Suica (东京市区取件)

    2,400 JPY

  • JR东京广域周游券 (3日)

    15,000 JPY

  • JR Pass 立山黑部阿尔卑斯、高山、松本地区周游券(5日)

    21,200 JPY

  • JR北陆拱形铁路周游券(7日)

    24,500 JPY

  • JR Pass 东日本长野&新潟地区铁路周游券(5日)

    27,000 JPY

  • JR PASS 全日本铁路通票(连续7/ 14/ 21日)

    50,000~100,000 JPY