[神奈川] Kamakura and Eastern Kyoto with Lots of Temples and Shrines
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35,000 JPY

  • Kamakura is such a compact city that you can see the whole area within a day. One of the representative sight-seeing spots is Big Image of Buddha in Kotokuin temple. From there, you can travel almost all the famous temples for six hours.
  • Many historical sites are covered in public transportation services. On the way to Hachimangu, we can enjoy shopping on KOMACHI street. While walking through the street, we can feel something different from the western culture. In this area, there are many valuable temples and shrines within a walk. So, we can visit many historical temples and shrines such as so-called hydrangea temple and bamboo grove temple. All these temples are located in calm environment, so you will feel like being in KAMAKURA ZEN Buddhism style.
  • About 1 hour from JR Kita Kamakura station, we will visit the 2nd largest city YOKOHAMA. This time, we will stop over at China town in ISHIKAWA cho in Yokohama. We can enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisines for reasonable prices.