[京都] Kyoto : Immersive Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari by Private Vehicle
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108,942 JPY

  • Explore the sights of Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari on this full-day, private minivan tour based out of Osaka. In Arashiyama, you'll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tenryuji, known for its beautiful architecture, gorgeous classic gardens, and lovely vistas. Then it's on to the world famous bamboo grove. Picture time! Afterwards, we slip away to the quiet, rarefied environs of the Okochi Sanso estate for gardens, architecture, and a matcha tea break too. Much more to see and stroll about in Arashimaya before we head to the awe-inspiring, ever-popular Fushimi Inari, where thousands of red gates ("torii") snake up the mountain. We'll talk about the significance and sites as we make our way up the holy pathway, but it's a private tour, so we only go as high as you want!
  • While not included, we are happy to suggest a lunch stop along the way.
  • This tour can be customized, so do feel free to consult with us if you've something special in mind that we don't cover on the standard tour.





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