肉卸直営×黒毛和牛焼肉 かまくら亭


Hello! Welcom to "Yakiniku Kamakura-tei" where you can enjoy first class "Japanese meat" at a relatively reasonable price!!

We would like you to enjoy world brand "japanese beef-wagyu" for all foreigners, and stock various dishes.
The dishes are Assorted special Wagyu lunch which is the most recomended one,Wagyu Kalbi beef,Wagyu sirloin beef,Wagyu skirtis,Wagyu beef short ribs, Beef sirloin, homemade Kimchi,Namuru and so on...All of which are highly recommended!!!
We are boasting about the quality of food we'll serve! The staffs are really lookig forwad to seeing you here,"'Yakiniku Kamakura-tei"

시설 정보

  • 주소

    Ninotorii Building 2F,2-10-18, Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006

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  • 가까운 역
    가마쿠라 역
    ・ 요코스카 선
    ・ 에노시마 전철선
  • 전화번호


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  • 영업 시간
    11:00~22:00(L.O.21:30, 드링크 L.O. 21:30)
  • 정규휴일
    매주 월요일
  • 예산
    통상 예산: 3,000 엔
    런치 예산: 1,000 엔
  • 언어 메뉴 대응
  • 어린이 입장 가능
  • 국가・종교별 메뉴 상담 가능