[도쿄] Japan Sim Card|Japan Docomo 5/10/15 Days Sim Card|Hong Kong Delivery and Pickup
3.8 ( 여행후기120건 )
내일부터 이용 가능
취소 불가
액티비티 개요
  • Using NTT Docomo / IIJ network, the signal coverage is excellent
  • The network card supports the hotspot function, sharing the network with fellow travelers
  • Provide Hong Kong delivery and Hong Kong pick-up, you can receive the card before departure, and travel in Japan easily

Book a Docomo SIM card now, deliver and collect it within Hong Kong, sit at home and wait for the Japanese network card to be delivered to your door, and get a free SIM card refund pin! Connect to Docomo, one of Japan's three major news agencies, and the 4G network speed covers the whole of Japan. You don't need to carry more sharers, and you can easily travel in Japan!

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