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[도쿄] Torafugu-tei Restaurant: Tiger Pufferfish Course Reservation
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  • Choose from 3 different multi-course meals | Indulge in premium, fresh tiger pufferfish prepared by expert chefs | Pick from 7 conveniently located Tokyo branches to suit your itinerary | Try pufferfish as sashimi, deep fried, and in hotpot

• Seats will be randomly assigned; the restaurant is unable to grant specific seating requests --- • Please ensure you book for the correct number of people in your group • Please let us know the number of children in your group during booking • Children aged 0–2 may enter for free, but will not receive any free meals • Children aged 3–6 with no meal orders will be charged a side-dish surcharge of 540 JPY per child, to be paid on-site

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