JR 신칸센(신오사카역 - 도쿄역) 로 가는 [도쿄] Guenpin Fugu Restaurant Pufferfish Set Meal Reservation

JR 신칸센(신오사카역 - 도쿄역)

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[도쿄] Guenpin Fugu Restaurant Pufferfish Set Meal Reservation
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  • Book with us — we’ll take care of your reservation, and you can skip the line! | Choose from a variety of set menus to suit your tastebuds | Go for the Shimonoseki Pufferfish set for highly prized fugu from the heartland of fugu culture | Sample the subtle, delicate taste of the delectable pufferfish | Try ‘torafugu’ (tiger pufferfish), a prized Japanese delicacy

• Please allow at least 2 business days for us to confirm your booking • Seating will be randomly assigned; we cannot accommodate seating requests • Guenpin may offer their own seasonal promotions or discounts on occasion; we cannot issue refunds for price differences, if any --- - Children aged 0–5 do not need a reservation (but will not receive any free meals), but children aged 6 or older require a booking. There are no discounts for children - If the number of guests (excluding children aged 0–5) on your booking date does not match the given information at the time of booking, the restaurant may refuse service without refund --- • The restaurant has smoking and non-smoking sections. Requests for seating preference cannot be made when booking

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