JR 이스트-사우스 홋카이도 레일패스 플렉시블 (6일권) 로 가는 도쿄 Torafugutei Akasakaten


JR 이스트-사우스 홋카이도 레일패스 플렉시블 (6일권)

나리타 / 도쿄 / 삿포로 / 센다이 / 아오모리 / 아키타 / 야마가타 / 하코다테 / 후쿠시마 / 히라이즈미
인기 관광지・이벤트
도쿄 Torafugutei Akasakaten
4.5 ( 여행후기2건 )
액티비티 개요
  • A Japanese restaurant that features ”puffer fish cuisine” that is unique to Japan.
  • We use only the highest quality domestic tiger puffer fish caught or cultured in Japan.
  • Enjoy completely safe and delicious puffer fish items prepared by highly experienced chefs.
  • Course meals that include puffer fish hot pot are the most popular menus.
  • Fresh puffer fish sashimi and freshly prepared deep fried puffer fish are especially popular among foreign guests.
  • You can enjoy tiger puffer fish that is considered a highly luxurious ingredient all year round at a reasonable price.
  • Enjoy puffer fish cuisines that are only available in Akasaka
  • Tokyo.Only in Japan.
  • * Consumption tax will be charged separately.

3-6-17, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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