[도쿄] Drinks & Bites in Tokyo Private Tour
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  • Want to know how Toyko’s locals spend their evenings? Head out to the vibrant Kichioji neighborhood where tiny bars and gastropubs are everywhere you look. Watch the locals relax and unwind in a traditional Izakaya bar and enjoy delicous local drinks and snacks on this evening food tour. Kanpai!
  • Start your tasting experience in one of Kichioji’s tiny Izakaya bars where you’ll enjoy a local drink and snack. The vibe here is so cozy that you’ll get the feeling you are dining in someone’s home.
  • Follow your local host to a spot that’s famous for its Sukiayki soup, a one-pot dish made with boiled eggs, soy and stewed fishcakes. This local favorite also specalized in cocktails including orange yogurt and sake.
  • Swing by an Izakaya bar which has a 50s theme. With buzzing energy and friendly bartenders, this bar will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Pick a local drink to enjoy and pair it with Yakitori (fried cheese) and another snack of your choosing.

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