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    기타 체험 2021.07.04까지

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    • 개최 기간 2020.12.06 00:00 - 2021.07.04 21:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■Location: Every floor = Listed Shops only

      We introduce "intellect tsu Toku" who working specialist knows from trivia to send to convenient service in shop, and profits information in SEIBU IKEBUKURO. We send thing usable "from now on" "now" corresponding to change to new lifestyle and information to be useful for living. By using slight invention service, of every day shoot; to thing more happily satisfying in time.

      <, in the special site, please see this>

      "We send taste to home! SEIBU food building delivery service"
      "Easily & drive-through service of buying by telephone reservation"

      "Surprising innocence! Care method to keep white sneakers neatly"
      "Keep clean! Care for at home brief glasses method"

      "Three selections of hair arrangement stylish simply"
      "We show step of sandals beautifully! Care method of foot nail"
      "Simple skin care for working man"

      "How to cut of fruit that skin is eaten without waste in arrangement ♪ beauty by caliber"
      "Delicious we pour - 3 degrees note gino art of beer"
      "Delicious how to make sake highballs"

      "We can easily do it at home! ienakaekusasaizu"
      "We repeat in summer! We help put on underwear of baby"
      "Sleep life that is comfortable at the height of the right pillow!"
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    화장품 페어 2021.05.02까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.07 00:00 - 2021.05.02 23:59
    • 이벤트 상세 ■Friday, September 25, 2020
      [CLARINS] 7:00 p.m. start
      [reF] 8:00 p.m. start

      From skin care brand [CLARINS] born in France this time even if "wear a mask, is beauty even if take. From [reF] that various beauty items are of by simple reduction of working hours make that is hard to collapse, we send Howto with "# rare hair soft with moisture anytime" in LIVE.
      During LIVE delivery, we look forward to question and comment from all of you!

      You can purchase item of introduction by LIVE delivery immediately in official shopping site [e. department store] of SEIBU, SOGO.
      <in [e. department store] cosmetics & beauty page this>

      ※Or change may be called off delivery due to various circumstances.
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    기타(전시회) 2021.09.05까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.07 00:00 - 2021.09.05 23:59
    • 이벤트 상세 ■Opening: Saturday, September 19, 2020
      ■Location: = BURBERRY accessories store on the second floor (center A5)

      Accessories store of BURBERRY is open.
      We have uimenzubaggu and Small leather, scarf.

      ★Purchase present
      ■Event Period: From Saturday, September 19, 2020
      During session, "original sticker" (one set) is presented by the first 100 people who had you purchase.
      ※Number includes limit. Sale will finish upon product sell-outs.
      ※Ask sales floor person in charge in detail.
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    기타 체험 2021.09.05까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.02.28 00:00 - 2021.09.05 23:59
    • 이벤트 상세 ■Event Period: From Wednesday, August 26, 2020

      Japanese style, delivery service that had abundant menu to sweets, snacks to Western-style Chinese food began.
      Taste is the same and will send menu of SEIBU food building popularity to home.

      ★Purchase present
      We present "tea" (500 ml, plastic bottle, one) because of purchase with one point of lunch!
      ※It will be finished as soon as 300 limitation disappears.
  • 식품 페어 2021.06.06까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.01.01 00:00 - 2021.06.06 23:59
    • 이벤트 상세 Catalogue gift "gottsuo service" of selectable "meal."
      Given point can choose favorite taste on the delivery date and time.

      Let alone midsummer gift, the year-end present gift, it is available for wedding present and baby gift, return favor of words of condolence widely.
      From all 8 courses, please enjoy gem of seasonal good flavor that nature brought up and secret well-known store.
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