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[도치기] Canoe Tour Along Itamuro Reservoir in Nikko National Park
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  • Beginners are most welcome! | Conveniently located near Itamuro Onsen where you can try their medicinal bath | Experience canoeing along the pristine waters of Itamuro Reservoir | Fall in love with the simple joy of paddling the waters of Japan’s National Parks | Marvel at the breathtaking landscape of the reservoir, forest, and mountains

• This activity is available to guests aged between 3–65 years old. A minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking • Guests who are pregnant may not participate • Please arrive 30 minutes at the meeting place before the tour start time • This activity may be canceled depending on the weather and reservoir conditions; we will contact you to refund or reschedule if this is the case. Additionally, this activity may be canceled midway due to sudden weather changes. However, refunds are not possible if the activity is canceled more than 1 hour after it started • You may choose either a single or tandem canoe (you will be asked your preference upon checkout). However, for odd-numbered groups who choose tandem canoes, one person will be assigned a single canoe • Single canoes are ideal for guests who are at least 120cm tall • Tandem canoes can fit 3 people in the following cases: two adults and one child aged 3–5, or one adult and two children aged 3–5 • In order to proce

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