[도치기] Experiential Art Museum in a Vast Underground Space
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  • 'Genki-ro' appeared in the massive quarry remains of Oya, transformed into a gigantic tree as if it were a living creature, standing out impressively in the overwhelming space.
  • The artwork is interactive; it involves a large kiln in which herbs are boiled in water, and the resulting steam is channeled into the artwork through pipes. Visitors can enter the artwork and drink fresh herbal tea, and the herbal steam absorbed through the skin and lungs is said to genuinely improve one's physical condition.
  • Inside the artwork, the steam creates a condition where one cannot see even a meter ahead. Visitors can fully indulge in the experience with all five senses: the fragrance of herbs, the fine touch of the steam on the skin, and the sound of dripping groundwater from the ceiling.
  • Mr. Kuribayashi states, 'This artwork is not complete in its current form. In the future, through this sauna-like device, many people will interact and become friends with the residents of Oya.

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