[도치기] Visit the Unexplored Regions of Lake Chuzenji--Scenic Trekking and Rafting Tour
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  • Discover the hidden beauty and nature of Japan! This is a scenic tour where you can enjoy the unexplored areas of Lake Chuzenji from land and water using a compact, portable rubber boat called a "pack raft."
  • ・Walk on foot to Lake Chuzenji's south coast, a place seldom explored by tourists and home to some of the region's most beautiful scenery.
  • ・Our single-seater pack raft boats are incredibly user-friendly, meaning anyone may confidently enjoy Lake Chuzenji.
  • ・Along the way, you will experience the history of Lake Chuzenji, including the memorial park for the British/Italian Embassy villa.
  • ・And if you are lucky, you may encounter some of the wildlife in the area!

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