[시즈오카] Hand-held Fireworks Festival on July21 or 22, 2023 Toyokawa, JP
오늘부터 이용 가능
24시간 전 취소 가능
액티비티 개요
  • Hand-held fireworks, TEZUTSU, is so thrilling. A magnificent column of flames erupts from the bamboo stuffed with Iron powder and finally a flame called “hane” creates a large boom while erupting. Many local people gather for this autum festival. On summer festival day, lots of TEZUTSU will be dedicated to the shrine.
  • We meet at Toyohashi station, then take local JR train to Toyokawa station. It takes 16 minutes.
  • It 's about 5 minutes walk from Toyokawa station to the festival site. This tour is cancelled in case of rain. We decide it on 18:00, July 20.

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