[사이타마] Katana Samurai Sword Making Experience - Tokyo
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146,500 JPY

액티비티 개요
  • Breathtaking craftsmanship
  • The Japanese katana is often idealized as the deadly weapon of samurai. What might be not as well known is that the katana is not only a weapon but that it symbolizes “protection” both against physical and immaterial foes. At Fusahiro’s studio, a special type of katana, the “mamori gatana” is produced, which is a talisman sword used in particular for spiritual protection. In fact, these swords were traditionally enshrined in Japanese homes to ward off evil and were part of various ceremonies and rituals for protective measures.
  • These days, there are approximately only 150 swordsmiths in Japan due to the difficulty in getting a national certification and the aging population. Witness the creation of this powerfully symbolic sword with Fusahiro, one of the last remaining Japanese swordsmith.

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