[사이타마] Day Trip Private Tour Kawagoe Highlights from Tokyo
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  • Best tour to get to know the traditional atmosphere nearby Tokyo in a day!
  • A nationally licensed guide will take you to a town where classic vibe has remained since the Edo period.
  • Kawagoe is 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo, making it an ideal day trip. Its main street, lined with Kurazukuri buildings, captures the Edo Period ambiance, earning it the nickname "Little Edo."
  • During the Edo Period, Kawagoe thrived as a supplier to Tokyo, and the shogun appointed loyal men as lords of Kawagoe Castle, fostering close ties. Over time, Kawagoe inherited Edo culture and architecture.
  • Kitain Temple, a key attraction in the Greater Tokyo area, houses the only remaining structures from the former Edo Castle.
  • This tour is led by a National Licensed Guide Interpreter.
  • This itinerary is just a sample. We'd be more than happy to arrange the tour based on your requests. Please let us know your interests.

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