[사이타마] Experience Seasonal Green Tea Picking in Sayama and Nostalgic Walk in Kawagoe!
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  • This tour is a traditional tea picking experience of green tea in Sayama in Saitama Prefecture located northwest of Tokyo,
  • It is a one day tour for a limited time from May to November where you can enjoy the walking along the old town in Kawagoe where traditional townscapes remain.
  • The Sayama Hills are located in the western part of Saitama Prefecture. It is the origin of "Sayama Tea". Sayama tea is regarded as one of Japan's three major teas alongside Shizuoka tea and Uji tea, and because of its northern location, the leaves produce a deep taste after fighting through the cold winters.
  • Kawagoe flourished as a castle town from the 17th century, and was often compared to Edo (present day Tokyo). Because of this, it came to be called "small Edo". The first area where the buildings were erected is known as the "townscape of the storehouses", a site that was seen less and less in Edo Tokyo.

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