[사이타마] Wellness in Saitama: Takedera Blowing Zen Meditation & Hot Spring
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  • Saitama Prefecture, adjacent to Tokyo, offers a diverse options of experiences that cater to wellness and mindfulness enthusiasts and it's only an hour away from Tokyo.
  • This unique offering takes you to Takedera in Hanno City, a distinctive temple where the harmonious blend of Shintoism and Buddhism converges with a vast bamboo forest. While immersing yourself in the tranquility of this spiritual sanctuary, meet your instructor, Mr. Aoyama, for a truly unique experience – learning the art of "suizen," or blowing Zen meditation. This practice is so rare that even many Japanese locals have never encountered it.
  • Following your visit to Takedera, your wellness journey continues to the Kirari Spa Villa by Miyazawa Lake. As one of Saitama's most popular spas, this villa boasts an extensive variety of options - A carbonated pool, open-air baths, hot stone baths (aka "ganban-yoku"), saunas, and more. Spend your afternoon at the spa villa before returning to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

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