[도야마] Full-Day Bicycle Tour on the Noto Peninsula
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  • Unique sportive bicycle tour on the Noto Peninsula. An amazing route you won't find in the guide books, to explore the timeless Japanese countryside with typical Noto houses and rice paddies, a traditionnal salt farm and Senmaida "1000 terraced rice paddies".
  • Noto has become one of the most popular cycling destination in Japan, among Japanese weekenders, or 1 week + bicycle tours operated by foreign companies. Unfortunately, being a remote countryside area, there is yet no facility for independant travelers to rent a good bicycle and enjoy the peninsula the best way possible.
  • With this tour, I will bring you to the most rewarding route for an unforgetable day in Noto, using high quality, light weight hybrid bicycles (no e-bike).
  • I have been living in the Wajima countryside for over 5 years, where I have been learning about local history and culture, while working at a traditional salt farm; more recently as a local guide, and as a cycling guide with Great Explorations.

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