[도야마] Nagoya to Hida Takayama & Shirakawago World Heritage Day Tour
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  • Exploring the Enchanting Old Streets of Takayama
  • Takayama's historic townscape stands as a must-see destination in Hida Takayama, drawing visitors throughout the day. The lively streets boast distinctive features such as intricate trellised latticework, eaves with meandering irrigation canals, and "sakebayashi" signboards crafted from cedar leaves, adorning sake breweries. Noren curtains grace the eaves of longstanding shops and the grand doors of townhouses, amplifying the area's allure.
  • Hida Shirakawa-go - Japan's Well-Kept Secret
  • Gassho-zukuri, a traditional architectural style with thatched roofs, defines the buildings in Hida Shirakawa-go. This World Heritage Site is renowned for housing over 100 Gassho-zukuri structures of varying sizes that continue to be inhabited. Delve into additional attractions showcasing traditional wisdom and techniques, including Hirase Onsen, famed for its hot springs originating from the sacred Hakusan mountain.

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