[시마네] An E-Bike cycling tour of Matsue that will add to your enjoyment of the city
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  • - Having a guide makes your trip that much more interesting -
  • When you travel, it's fairly common for your trip to end with you just having gone to the spots you picked out. However, it's often the little spur-of-the-moment side trips that end up being the most memorable part of a journey.
  • TRIP SPICE's cycling event provides guests with the chance to make your trip extra special, as if you're spending time with a friend from the area.
  • Our guides will introduce you to the history of Matsue Castle, of course, but also tell you about other details of the city as you visit local shops, learn about the local cuisine, and enjoy unique local scenery.
  • If you like history and culture, please select the Basic Course.
  • You will visit Matsue Castle and the surrounding castle town, which will give you glimpses of how Japan looked 400 years ago.
  • You will also visit local shops and enjoy sightseeing in Matsue and cycling along Lake Shinji.
  • At the end of your tour, you'll get a chance to sample the tea and tea sweets foo

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