[사가] Be a Sake brewer for a Day!Study Abroad Sake at Amabuki sake brewery in Saga
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  • The "Real Sake Brewery Study Abroad" program is a "super short-term brewery experience" in which you will experience the real sake brewing process at a sake brewery and receive freshly pressed sake that you have made yourself delivered to your home.
  • ■Advantages of the experience
  • ・You can enter the brewery, which is off-limits only to brewery workers, as an exchange student.
  • ・You will be able to taste the very freshest sake, which can only be tasted in the brewery!
  • ・It's like being a real brewer! You can have a real sake brewing experience!
  • ・Sake that you were involved in making yourself will be delivered to your home!
  • ・LSG will take pictures of your experience, so you will have a special memory!
  • ・A guide will be on hand to give you a guided tour of the brewery.
  • ・A tour of the area is also available for those who wish to explore! (Optional participation)

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