[사가] Luxury Kaiseki Lunch With Arita Ware and Gen-emon Kiln Tour
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  • Have an exquisite kaiseki meal in a restaurant owned by an antiques dealer. Served on Arita ware, lunch is made from rich local ingredients, perfectly complemented by Japan's finest porcelain. Afterward, visit Gen-emon Kiln to learn about porcelain.
  • [Highlights]
  • - Feast on an exquisite kaiseki lunch prepared by a local chef
  • - Admire an impressive selection of Arita ware representing different periods and styles
  • - Learn about each piece of Arita ware in detail while dining in a private room used for tea ceremonies
  • - Meet the owner, view his prized collection, and buy some antiques if you like
  • - Visit Gen-emon Kiln to see where some of the tableware used during the lunch is produced

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