[나가사키] Kickstart Nagasaki With A Local: Private & Personalized
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  • With your host playing the role of GPS and guidebook, you’ll get to grips with an area of central Nagasaki. Jostle your way through the crisscrossing lanes of the oldest Chinatown in Japan, and learn to appreciate Nagasaki’s rich port history in Higashiyamato and Dejima. See the 400-year old Meganebashi (spectacles) Bridge, Fukusai-ji temple, rebuilt after WWII as a mausoleum for fallen Japanese soldiers, and the European-style Oura Cathedral and Dutch Slope – a stone-paved street with the former Western-style residences of foreign traders.
  • Within 24 hours after booking you'll receive a short questionnaire about your personality and interests. Based on your responses, you'll be assigned a like-minded host. Your host will communicate with you directly to suggest an itinerary to help you discover what makes the city unique. You will also agree on a meeting time and place. Your itinerary is flexible, so during the experience, you can always change your mind about what you want to do.

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