[미야자키] Miyazaki's local cuisine experience Let's make cold soup and chicken Nanban! Super Local Food Cooking!
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  • Speaking of Miyazaki's local cuisine, it's cold. And chicken nanban. Chilled miso soup is a traditional home-cooked meal usually eaten at homes around Miyazaki City. During the hot summer months, when you have no appetite, your mother will make it. There are various ways of making it depending on each home and area, but you can make a basic cold soup using sesame seeds. While holding a mortar and chatteringly, I will rub the gori goori and the girl. Chicken Nanjo is a relatively new dish that was born in Nobeoka City, but now it is the soul food of Miyazaki prefectures. It is offered at many restaurants in Miyazaki, but it is also fun to make it yourself. We make these two items in about 2 hours.

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