[구마모토] "Aka beef barbecue" to enjoy in the superb view of Aso
오늘부터 이용 가능
취소 불가
액티비티 개요
  • ● Enjoy the "Aka Beef BBQ" exquisite by Aka beef farmers ●
  • Let's enjoy the blessings of nature raised in Aso in the open, magnificent view of Aso.
  • ・You can enjoy the Aka beef barbecue, which is a special product of Aso, at the superb view spot of Aso, which is normally off-limits.
  • ・A red beef farmer who manages this ranch and breeds red beef selects and cooks the meat. (*Cooking, if the schedule fits)
  • ・The proceeds of the product will be used for activities such as field burning to protect the grasslands of Aso.
  • ・You can also enjoy gorgeous aerial walks of Aso seen from the drone operated by the farmer wearing goggles.

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