[고치] Kochi Full-Day Private Trip with Government-Licensed Guide
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  • This value-packed trip with a government-licensed and experienced English -speaking tour guide is a fantastic and efficient way to explore Kochi!
  • Kōchi is a smart, compact city with a deserved reputation for enjoying a good time. The castle here is largely undamaged and remains a fine example of Japanese architecture. Excellent access to Muroto-misaki, Ashizuri-misaki and the Iya Valley, and easy day trips to caves, beaches and mountains make Kōchi a perfect base for travels around the island.
  • Let us know what you would like to experience and we will customize a six-hour tour that's best for you!
  • Note*1: You will not visit all the sights on the itinerary.You must pick 3 to 4 of the listed sights and inform your guide.
  • Note*2: The National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter certification is issued by the Japanese government requires a good understanding of Japanese culture and history.

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