[고치] Iya Valley BROMPTON Bicycle Tour
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  • In principle, reservations are for two persons or more.
  • This tour lets you experience the beauty of the hidden Iya Valley at first hand through the magic of the BROMPTON bicycle.
  • After meeting in Awa-Ikeda, take the train to Oboke Station. While waiting for the bus at Oboke Station, check out the interesting shops. Then take a bus to the Iya Valley vine bridge. Near the vine bridge, you can see the beautiful Biwa Waterfall and go down to the Iya River.
  • From there, ride on the old road along the valley beside the emerald green Iya River. The beauty and grandeur of the ever-changing valley makes you forget your everyday life. Points of interest include the Hi no Ji Bend, and the Peeing Boy standing on a 200 m-high precipice. The Iya Valley road runs gently downhill for most of the way, so no special physical prowess is required. The rest area has a fine view, perfect for Instagram.
  • Enjoy the charm of the Iya Valley which can’t be experienced fully by car.

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