[가고시마] Kayak and Picnic Adventure in Sakurajima
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  • Sakurajima is an active volcano that continues to emit smoke, located about 10 kilometers across the sea from the Kagoshima city area. As its name suggests, Sakurajima was originally an island but became connected to the mainland of Kyushu due to an eruption that occurred approximately 110 years ago. Why not seize the opportunity to feel the earth's vibrant energy through a sea kayaking experience here?
  • As you paddle your kayak while enjoying the active volcano, you will land on a rugged lava beach formed 110 years ago. There, indulge in making rice balls with ingredients produced in Sakurajima and savor traditional Kagoshima sweets and tea. This is your chance to experience Sakurajima with your hands, eyes, skin, and taste - a multisensory adventure like no other!

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