[이시카와] Nishide Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour and Sake Tasting
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  • A number of sake breweries have opened themselves up to tours, but few of these breweries have the same focus on traditional techniques and the finest possible results. Nishide Shuzo Sake Brewery still uses old-fashioned wooden equipment, rather than plastic or metal, based on a belief that the material makes a noticeable difference in the taste of the finished product. Master brewer Hirohisa Nishide places equal emphasis on using the finest water, rice, and yeast, combined with innovative techniques learned from Naohiko Noguchi, the “god of sake brewing.”
  • The visit includes a soft drink made using the water the brewery uses for preparing sake, and guests can optionally sample the brewery’s sake, for an excellent opportunity to enjoy and compare their different products.

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