[이시카와] Kanazawa Day Tour - Temarizushi making, Kenrokuen & Omicho Market
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  • This 1-day tour not only visits major sightseeing spots, but also introduces customers to the many charms of Kanazawa through a cooking experience and tea ceremony culture. The accompanying National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter will provide support, so feel free to communicate. In the morning, visit Omicho Market, known as the kitchen of Kanazawa City’s residents, and experience making temarizushi (ball-shaped sushi) using fresh, local ingredients. Choose your preferred ingredients from 15 kinds, including 5-6 kinds of fish and 5 kinds of vegetables. Approximately 7 pieces of temarizushi (refills available), seasonal dessert, and Kaga roasted twig tea are included. The experience venue is an exclusive experience facility renovated from a 100-year-old Japanese-style house typical of Kanazawa. In the afternoon, get to know the history and culture of Kanazawa by going to Kenrokuen Garden and Higashi Chaya District, absolute must-see spots when visiting Kanazawa.

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