[이시카와] Craft Personalized Fortune Sweets At A Renowned Shop
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  • Ishikawa, especially its capital city of Kanazawa, is known for its love of traditional Japanese sweets and snacks. One of these, Tsujiura, is a particularly iconic part of local life — despite being only seen at one time of year. These triangular treats are eaten as part of celebrating the new year in Kanazawa. Inside of each is a small message written on a piece of paper: the local custom is to eat three Tsujiura, and figure out what the three messages inside, taken together, have to tell you about your year to come.
  • Guests can experience a beloved part of the local culture that is largely unknown even within Japan, and go beyond simply trying Tsujira by actually making their own, including choosing or writing their own messages to put inside.

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