[야마구치] Guided Cycling tour in Hagi with Sake Brewery Visit
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  • Tour Concept
  • Our new project “FURUSATO Cycling” tour is launched to offer an experience in which you can fully enjoy the “REAL HAGI”. We offer a guided cycling tour where you will be able to feel the local life and visit special spots which usually cannot be visited, while cycling through the beautiful countryside.
  • Our first tour project is centered on Japanese rice wine “sake”. We will follow the “made-in-Hagi sake” brewing process showing where the rice and water ingredients are collected. Also, we will be visiting the local sake brewery and rice polishing facility.
  • ・Length of the course: Approx. 11 km.
  • ・Time of tour: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • ・Bike brand: Giant
  • ・Equipped with a mud guard (rear wheel), a pouch and a drink holder.
  • * Private tours are also available *
  • Recommended for those who want to go around at their own pace and those who want to spend their private time.
  • Lunch is also available.
  • If you wish, please contact us separately.

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