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[기후] Ceramic-Straw Painting & Appreciate “Mino Ware” Ceramics with Lunch [Toki, Gifu Prefecture]
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  • Conducts heat easily, to enjoy cold drinks while they are still cold! | Tougher than it looks: about 2.5 x stronger than normal porcelain! | Wash it and use it again and again — cleaning brush included

'- Number of people: 2–10 - Minimum age: 6 years old - Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time - Please choose your lunch and drinks from the menu on the day - Please note that you may be sharing the experience with other guests/groups - Your creation will be fired again after the workshop, so it takes about 1–2 weeks to be ready - You can come back later to pick up your work, or have it sent to your home (postage payment required, about 550 yen each in Japan, pay onsite) - If coming by car, please note that parking is limited (18 parking spaces including 5 in front of the shop)

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